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Having grown up in Italy, he started touring, gathering the many glimpses of lives that would later become the protagonists of his songs or, at least, the basis of his desire to tell, through music, the stories of those who are out of the ordinary. "Memorandum", his debut album, was not even supposed to be released, and perhaps this is where his strength is. A month of writing and a few days of recording in an apartment in East Berlin. A stream of consciousness that does not fear the public's judgement because this record, almost surprisingly, has one. Full of memories, real characters that seem invented, pain, literature and, sometimes, love. The Leading Guy, currently working on new music (Sony Music label), tries to create, in his songs, a "promised land" that, in life, is impossible to find. A non-place in which to freely express himself. A state of mind that can save him and that makes him feel free, even if only for the duration of a song.









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